Longevity Planning

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you sort through the possibilities and offer financial advice designed to guide you up to and through the retirement you’ve envisioned.

Customized adaptive plans

Today, you can spend 30 years or more enjoying the fruits of your labor. A strong plan is necessary for such an amount of time, and we make adaptive plans customized to your needs. Through reviewing the progress of your plan relative to your defined objectives, we are able to stay in sync and adapt your financial strategies to all the changes in life retirement and the future bring.

Ask yourself these key retirement questions:

Whether you’re bound for a dream home or planning to stay put, housing likely will be your biggest expense in retirement. While aging in the comfort of your own home would be ideal, modifications to the home – or your plan – could be necessary as mobility and transportation challenges arise

Let’s talk about:
Do you want to stay in your home? Will it need to be modified?
What housing options are available to you, and what will they cost?
Would you want to downsize? Relocate to a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood?

Being mobile means being independent. And retirement life brings more opportunity to go where you want whenever you want. That may help explain why transportation is the second largest expense for individuals older than 65 and accounts for about 15% of their annual expenditures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why we make sure to account for it as part of your long-term financial plan.

Let’s talk about:
How will you get to your favorite places in retirement?
Who will assist you if you can't drive yourself somewhere?
What transportation options are available in your area?

Your health and your finances are intertwined in complex ways. Most expect Medicare to pay for their healthcare expenses in retirement. But, in reality, Medicare pays only 60% of healthcare costs* - you still will have premiums, copays, and deductibles. As you age, healthcare costs can add up.

Let's talk about:
Do you have an existing condition? What will treatment cost over the long term?
Do you know what costs Medicare will cover?
How will you pay for what Medicare doesn't?
Have you considered Medigap?
*Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2015

As you take the steps to plan for a comfortable retirement for as long as you may live it, it’s important to think even further. Ask yourself what kind of legacy you want to leave. How are you going to make sure you’re secure against financial fraud and work toward passing assets – and information – to your heirs to help secure your family’s future?

Let’s talk about:
Have you spent significant time thinking about your legacy?
Who will have access to your important documents and information when the time comes?
How will you protect your assets and inheritors from financial fraud?

As we all live longer, chances are you may, at some point, provide care for a loved one or receive care yourself. Becoming a caregiver can be not only stressful, but also can have financial consequences if it requires taking time away from work. And long-term care is not covered by Medicare.

Let's talk about:
How will you get the care you need as you age?
Should you consider long-term care insurance?
Will you have enough?

Giving yourself every opportunity to save enough for a long, fulfilling life requires careful, detailed longevity planning - strategies for saving, investing and taking withdrawals. Making the right Social Security claiming decisions is vital to optimizing your retirement income strategy.

Let's talk about:
What sources of income will you have in retirement?
How much income you will need in retirement?

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