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Measuring Financial Stability & Attaining True Wealth

Our belief is that wealth comes down to the balance between how much you have saved and the costs of the lifestyle that you wish to pursue.  Some of our wealthiest clients do not have much capital on their personal balance sheet.  Nonetheless, they have plenty of money for their lifestyle and are in fact extremely comfortable.  True wealth is a matter of deciding what you want to achieve with your capital while ultimately living within your means.  

A good financial planner can help you reach your own definition of wealth that work uniquely for you.  Together, you can take a close look at your needs versus your wants.  What is the cost of shelter, for example.  Some people’s ideal shelter will cost a lot more than others.  

What some might identify as a want, others might consider an absolute necessity.  For example, if your grandchildren live across the country, you may consider it a necessity to visit them frequently.  You do not want to think of that as a negotiable part of your budgeting.

In assessing how to meet your needs and wants, it is necessary to take into consideration all of the resources that you have gathered during your lifetime, as well as other income sources such as your pension and Social Security benefit.  We look at the various strategies regarding the timing of these benefits and how you might maximize them.

Countless retirees today are concerned about specific issues that weigh heavily on their minds.  Throughout my career, I have seen a wide variety of scenarios and they that often repeat themselves.  Individual circumstances, on the other hand, are unique and call for thoughtful planning, advice, and execution.  A competent advisor will walk you through the calculations, probabilities, and extensive planning necessary to assist you in drafting, formalizing, and acting on your intentions.  


**Excerpt From “Financial Stability For Life”, by Daniel E. Butler, CFP®


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